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Thread: USB LOADER GX loading pics from USB drive :(

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    USB LOADER GX loading pics from USB drive :(

    i have usb loader gx installed as a channel, and i want to make it save all the covers from my fat 32 partion so i dont have to have a SD card.i have gone into the setting and changed the directories to USB but it keeps saying i have no sd card inserted..the covers are there when i go back to the menu,but it doesn`t save it.... i have my SD card that i wish to replace and have gone into the config folder and opened the global.cfg , do i change it in there ?? surely not?? help!!!

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    Are the config files for loader GX on your HD?

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    yes i copied all the directories from the sd

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    Load from USB HDD

    Hi Bud' I had a similar problem when I tried to set up. I changed the paths on the GX GUI settings, I also remember I had to change a text file title, From "sample config" to " config" there is a tut or notebook file explaining this on this wonderful site. Help from Noobs is sometimes easier to follow. I'm still trying myself to get educated. you gotta read lots.. I just found the Config file ( sorry If I'm confusing you) the config file was for changes to my Configurable USB loader. The file path settings are my USB_loader GX. open it up on your wii with remote select the settings have a look in there search and change from SD/: ******** to USB/: you'll get it.
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    thanks but ive done all of that but it always asks for a sd card

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    still not sussed it...any new input ??

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    Jason - it could be that the USB Loader GX main configuration file has become corrupt. Delete it and boot up USB Loader GX and reset your pathways.

    By the way, why are you posting in the newbie area instead of the backup loader forum or even the donor area?


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