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Thread: Will it still work?

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    Question Will it still work?

    I My Wii is a good year old, and i though, as a gift i'll get a modchip.
    So i ordered a CycloWiz V2.
    Still waiting for it, but in the meantime i played Super Smash Bros Brawl (only just been released in UK)
    The game then updated the console, and put a message on the screen saying: Unathorised Technical Modifications to your Console may render it inoperable

    Should i be worried?

    I've not looked into the Wii overly, but the only software version i can find says Ver 3.1E (in the corner of the settings screen)

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    Also, What is meant by the term "Bricking"?
    I see it mentioned, but im not sure what it means

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    you should be ok thers no news of bans yet, and you can semi brick or fully brick your wii. this is done by updating the wii using a game that isnt your region ( to solve this you use wii brick blocker and use wiifrii to do various patches that are needed

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    I think the Cyclowiz can run in stealth.. if not, is it worth picking up one that can?


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