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Thread: Reinstalling the wii hack??

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    Reinstalling the wii hack??

    Can someone please help me remove my hack so I can do it over? I do not have a backup and my bootmii doesn't seem to work, that is why I want to start from fresh. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooquick View Post
    Thanks alot, I have been looking for a thread but wasn't able to find one. I will look through it now.

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    It does not mention anything about the 4.2, is it still possible to remove softmods on a 4.2? If it's not possible, can I backup my Wii without starting over. If so, my bootmii is having problems loading, can someone please help me fix it or show me another method? Thanks.

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    I have read the page "How to remove softmods and make your Wii a virgin" but there isn't anything concrete on a 4.2. I do not need to make it virgin again. I just want to remove what I have on the wii so that I can softmod it again. The reason I want to start over is because I made some mistakes with the tutorial and don't know where the mistake is. Can someone please help me? Many thanks.

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    Just follow the 4.2 hack guide again, there is no harm in doing it over. The CIOS's will get re-written and corrected if they are messed up.


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