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Thread: WiiKey2 V1.3+4.2U+nsmb

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    Ca WiiKey2 V1.3+4.2U+nsmb

    Before, I was on V1.2 with wiikey2 and 4.2U and my nsmb played for like 10mins and was freezing after. But since I have upgraded wiikey to V1.3, nsmb plays all the way. Thumbs Up WiiKey!!!!

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    yes the upgrade works on nsmb
    i used to get 10 mins now i last till i run out of lives

    ive still got the avatar frezzing in level 2 problem but i think thats
    due to the bad pal iso release

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    skyhigh, how did u get the upddate disk to work, i burned 3 on sony dvd+and none work, it says unreadable

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    what version did u use

    i used the europe 1.3 config disc and i live in australia

    i downloaded it
    extracted it
    then used imgburn at 2x speed to burn it to verbatum dvd

    work straight away

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    I have NTSC/U so i used the usa disk. None worked but all my backups worked. You burned on a dual layer or regular dvd?

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    just a normal 4.7 gig verbatum dvd-r

    afew months ago i could not play ntsc games on my pal wii
    so i burnt the config disc cause my old one didnt work due to poor quality dvd
    worked a year ago but not afew months ago

    so i burnt japan config disc and it didtn work
    burnt usa and europe one and i think they didnt work
    then reburnt europe one again and it worked
    looked at settings and found i didnt have region patcher on

    so it might just be a bad burn
    i would try a different dvd brand and even if u waste 3 or 4 dvds
    its worth a try

    mayb e even clean yr laser as some guys have mentioned here in other posts

    burnt dvds are very teprimental

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    sideshow, i burned 2 copies in verbatims at 2x w/imgburn and both say - 'An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc...etc'. all other burned games run fine. the only difference is my wii is 4.1. also i am not sure what version of nsmb i have. it was compressed to 375meg - uncompressed to 4.7gig. is there any way to tell what release this is and if its been patched? i think i maybe need a different version.

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    375 meg seems a little small
    i might be wrong

    like u said u need to find info on the file

    i used to search for games on mininova but now they only do legit stuff
    mininov used to have files then comments regarding the file
    i would only download if alot fo people said the file worked ok

    if its not to much of a hassle i would try redownload nsmb but one thats around 3.9 to 4.3 gig
    maybe find a file where people have commented on it and give it the thumbs up

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    the only problem is every comment is "its working". they never say if it works with a chipped wii, but on a softmodded wii its working 100%. i just need to find the right copy i think.

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    yes its hard finding info out there
    itrs luck of the draw sometimes
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