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Thread: cheats in use loader GX not working

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    Ca cheats in use loader GX not working

    Encountered couple of problems when using Usbloader GX.

    1. I installed new usb loader GX and set ocarina ON on global setting.
    downloaded all cheats files automatically.
    also turned ocarina ON in individual game.
    when I loaded games from USB drive, I got black screen and not reponding anymore
    or I can get next screen(WII let you put remote strip on ur wrist), usually you need to press A to continue, but I pressed A and wii seemed frozen up.
    Then I had to turn off wii by pushing power button and powered up again.
    I turned Ocarina OFF in global setting in Usbloader GX and got no problem when loading up games.

    2. *** Another weired problem I found that when i went into Ocarina option in individual game settiing, it let you choose which cheat to be turned ON or OFF. I turned all cheats ON and saveed. it told you that gct file created. When I exited Ocarina and clicked Ocarina option, all cheats showed OFF(not turned on at all).

    Does anybody know what went wrong and how to fix this problem?

    ***********************wii 4.2u*************************
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