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Thread: Black Screen NES wads

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    Black Screen NES wads

    I just finished modding a Wii that started at 3.4 and is now on 4.1 using the Dogegg's guide.
    Everything is working great as far as playing backed up games, however I tried installing Super Mario Bros using the Wad Manager and I get a black screen. The odd thing is that if you hit the home button, the regular "Wii Menu/Reset" screen comes up.
    Any ideas on what I can do to get these oldschool games to work?

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    try installing ios53 /55/38. but most cases it is out of region or broken wad (be careful with them)

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    I can STRONGLY recommend Snes9x GX (SNES emulator, may be able to play NES games) - or FCEUGC, a NES emulator for Wii that i HAVE NOT TESTED! But the point is, play the ROMS directly via an emulator - instead of packing the ROM into a WAD-file and open it from the system menu (risk of brick, black screen, etc), plus it takes the memory of the Wii, and ROMS loaded directly from SD is way smaller, meaning room for more

    Just my input.. Good luck!
    - Did I help you? Then thank my post!
    - My help is voluntarily, be nice!
    - My advice MAY help, and it MAY brick your Wii. I do my best, but the risk is yours!

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    Thanks, I will try that.


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