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Thread: Priiloader SDHC vs SD for 4.2U

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    Priiloader SDHC vs SD for 4.2U

    First...thanks to all who replied to my earlier priiloader question. If..use of my SDHC card IS the problem, then I will "borrow" an SD card out of my camera.


    Do I have to maintain the hacks.ini file in the wii? OR...can I use the SD card, load the hacks.ini file for priiloader, then return the SD card to the camera and continue using my SDHC card?

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    Once you've copied the hacks.ini from your sd card then you'll on longer need it as the hacks.ini would be saved in the NAND (wii's memory)

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    Can hack.ini be updated on SD card after priiloader is installed?

    Ran through Messie 4.2U install....success until "hacks not found" 481 problem..after Priiloader install at end of instruction...(due to SDHC use). What is the procedure to use an SD card at this point to load the hack.ini file?

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    Closing thread-user has started a new thread for this last question.


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