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Thread: can you play gamecube games on a softmod wii?

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    can you play gamecube games on a softmod wii?

    hi guys

    i have a 3.4E pal wii and it has the cios38_rev14 installed via the twilight hack, i have downloaded 'luligi's mansion' for the gamecube and burned it @x4 speed on a dvd-r 4.7gb disk via 'imgburn' software and i use the following:

    neogamma r7
    gecko os 002fix
    backup launcher
    gc launcher

    after i have burned the game and place it in my wii and no matter which loader i use the game just goes black and restarts the wii, this is my first attempt at playing gamecube games on the wii via a dvd-r 4.7gb disk so take it easy on me he he he

    am i missing something or is what i am trying to do impossible?

    please help me guys

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    need to install a mios (like cios but for gc)

    only problem i had was it made all my wii games unbootable, so i had to uninstall it

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    have you solved the problem?

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    I installed MIOS Patcher and have never had an issue.


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