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Thread: iso games vs. wii rip..?

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    iso games vs. wii rip..?

    I'm wondering, mostly because I dont understand the whole downloading iso's and wfbs manager thing yet. I'm currently just using the usdloadergx to rip the actual game onto my external HD. Signed up to a rental site just to get games. My question is, is there any real difference between the two? Is one method more problamatic than the other? What method is more commonly used? Seems easier just to rip the games directly. Also, I know there are alot of posts about some games not working (WSR, NSMB). I'm on system 4.2u, if you direct rip those games will they work just fine or do I need to do something to get them running? Forgive me, I've only installed bootmii and usbloader a few days ago but i've learned quite a bit already. lovin it, thus far. and happy new year all.

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    I know some folks who do exactly what you do. they are not as computer savvy as I and have alot more money. I tend to like the challenges of getting things to work and getting things for free, so i go the download route. Different strokes for different folks is all, but it is good to have the other options if you ever need them. There are still a couple of games that will require workaround, but they are in the games section of the forum.


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