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Thread: Full Brick please help

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    Full Brick please help

    I got my wii and before i did my research i upgraded the menu system to 4.2u.

    I then dove into this wonderful site in hopes of getting my wii to play a dvd.

    Home brew dvdx and bootmii installed with no problem

    But whenever i tried to load mplayer it would load unendingly.

    Figuring i messed up instilation i followed the steps in this guide:

    I got an error 1017 and followed the links to instructions on how to fix.

    On step 2 i got a black screen that would not end and now the wii is bricked.

    No response when i hit the power button i do not even get the red light when i plug it in.

    So i ask the forum, is there anything i can do?

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    after poking around the nintendo website i found that my wii is under warente. then again since i have homebrew on it i suppose that the warrenty is invalidated.

    So i guess i am wondering can someone show me exactly what set of steps to follow to get mplayer to work on a 4.2u wii?

    Either that or how to revert to factory settings so that i will not brick this fine piece of tech.

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    do you have no powerlight still? Try to unplug all cables from the wii and the wall socket for 15 minutes and then try again. That should help.

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    I had no power light tried unplugging all cables for a few min, (nintendo website says 2) and it is unbricked thanks you guys.


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