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Thread: In-Game Background Music Dropping Out

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    In-Game Background Music Dropping Out

    Hi All,

    I have a softmodded wii using the latest version on Configurable USB Loader (50c I think).

    I have noted a problem that I don't recall having with an older version of the USB loader (I have not tested this theory by reverting to the old software yet though).

    Basically in games, so far I have noted it in New Super Mario Bros and Mario Party 8 the in-game background music sometimes cuts out for a second and then comes back.

    Any ideas?


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    I have now tried a different loader and the same problem exists.
    Re-Installed IOS249 rev14, problem still exists.

    Could an SD card cause this problem as recently swapped my 1gb card for a 2gb card?
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    I am now loading the USB Loader off of the HDD itself.

    Problem still exists. I am thinking a fault with an IOS but no idea where to start, any ideas?

    Tried NSMB off of a 1gb Flash drive and it plays perfectly. Odd that my HDD has started to develop this fault then.
    It's a 2.5" PATA Samsung Drive in an enclosure. Just did a full scan of the HDD using Samsung's tool and it passed. Now zero-filling the drive and will set it all up again.

    Pretty certain the HDD is the issue, could be the enclosure or the USB cabling so will swap that out too.

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