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Thread: Wasabi DX black screen on wii

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    Wasabi DX black screen on wii

    I installed a wasabi dx on my wii version 4.2U. The serial number to the wii starts with LU54. I have no problems playing original games. I'm even able to play a game called Rec Room which is burnt to a DVD. I'm having issues with other wii games such as Mario and Sonic winter olympics and Wii Sports Resort. Everytime I load it the wii screen goes black and says "An error has occurred. Press the eject button and remove the disc, then turn the wii console off and refer to the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting." I don't know much about this but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    What brand of discs are you using? Try different brands as i understand it can be hit and miss with cheaper brands.. I find Verbatim silver very good, my girlfriends Wii likes the Maxell Gold.


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