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Thread: Best Looking Cover Flow??? What's your opinion?

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    Arrow Best Looking Cover Flow??? What's your opinion?

    Hello. I have seen a few usb loaders out there that have the 'cover-flow' feature. I'm using usb loader cfg right now and it has the cover flow, but i have to change the layout to it everytime. it doesnt start on the cover flow style.

    so im looking for one that is just cover flow. and like i said, i know theres a few out there. but which do you think looks the best? im hoping to get a few opinions on this, rather than trying different ones.


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    coverfloader or wii flow are really nice looking however i stick with usbloader gx it as coverflow and iv'e found it has a higher compatiblity that the other 2

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    I was faithfully using USB Loader GX for months... And then found Configurable USB Loader around 6 weeks ago. IMHO it's not quite as pretty, but the fact that 90% of games play straight-off with no fiddling (setting 002 fix, etc.) for me makes it the clear winner.

    Maybe I'm missing something and USB Loader GX can do this too - but for me, it was a "function over fashion" choice, and Cfg won out.

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    thanks for the replies. i was using configurable usb loader too. i really like it. you can set the cover flow layout as well. is there a way to save that layout so that the covers will always be like that everytime i start configurable usb loader? thats really what i want.

    i got the newest wii flow, along with a theme called Carbonik. it looks very nice. seems to work well with my games, and it has the ios 222 ability for gh/rockband games. ill stick with that for now, unless theres a way to make Configurable USB Loader start with the cover flow look everytime i start it.
    thanks again.

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    Us Solution

    I am new to posting but I have been using Configurable USB Loader for a couple of months and to solve your problem all you have to do is:
    1. Start Configurable USB Loader and select the layout that you desire.
    2. Push 1 to go to game settings, then push 1 again to go to Global settings. 3. Push 2 to save Global settings and your set!
    4. Restart Configurable USB Loader and all settings should be the same way you left them.

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    i know its been a few weeks since your reply hdb_3, but i just tried out your suggestion and it works! now i can have configurable usb loader start with the cover flow layout! or any layout, for that matter.
    thanks again!


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