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Thread: bricked my Wii by installing the wrong "System Menu Wad", plz help

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    bricked my Wii by installing the wrong "System Menu Wad", plz help

    i was going to sell my PAL softmodded wii cause im leaving UK for my home country

    i have preloader V3.0 installed so i think maybe i should uninstall it 1st then upgrade my wii to the latest official version via internet

    i don't have Bootmii as Boot2

    i searched the internet and found that installing the "system menu.wad" can get rid of the preloader completely

    so here is what i did:

    1. i used "hack remover" APP 1st (which told me that 2 files had been deleted after running it)

    2. i installed "system menu v290.wad"

    i forget the system version of my wii but what i know is that i can run VC games from the SD card

    3. after the installation i restarted wii and then there is a solid black screen without any word or picture

    i think the preloader has been disabled by installing the "system menu v290" beacuse i can no longer access the preloader screen by holding reset while booting the wii, but the dvd driver still works.

    OMFG is it screwed for good?
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    No. I don't think you'll be able to sell it now that you've broken it.

    System Menu v290 is from 3.2 and woiuld necessitate installation of IOS30 prior to installing System Menu. Maybe you didn't do this.

    You could try savemiifrii to autoboot something but I find it unlikely that it'll work.

    If you have a newer Wii (purchased in 2009) then you've downgrade bricked it as new Wiis cannot go lower than 3.4 as they auto brick.
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    well fiddlesticks, that's really a big let down, but thanks for your answer anyway
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    You could probably get 20-40 dollars for it on ebay.
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    good news guys

    i went to HMV and told them that my wii got black screen while i was trying to do the online system update, and they told me that they will chage another one for me immediately because i still have the receipt


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