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Thread: Wasabi DX & D3-2 drive

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    Lightbulb Wasabi DX & D3-2 drive

    I have black Wii with serial number LEH5044XXXX.
    According to Wii Drive Chip Database (look it over) this is D3 (or D3-2) drive and what I have learned
    from this forum (and lots of other places) seems like this drive (D3) is not
    able to play any backups.

    And this is where confusion starts: according the same Wiidrive database its able to play backups
    using either Wasabi DX or DriveKey, exactly the same claim is made on Wasabi homepage.

    So my questions are:
    1) Is it possible or not to play backups on my Wii using either chips?
    2) Is it possible to skip softmod and use hardmod instead with USB loader and external USB drive?

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    the modchip must somehow be able to bypass the drive chip. this is news to me. never heard of a modchip doing this yet.

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    if you have a d3-2 then it is not possible (yet).

    if you have a d3 then youre oke to go.

    check the serial number on the drive circuit board, if it starts with a F its the new D3-2, if it starts with a E its the D3

    the serial number is on a yellow sticker

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