Hey everyone, I've been looking a lot through the site but can't really find an answer to my problem. I just recently had my Wii softmodded, and it worked perfectly at first. My external hard drive (250 GB Seagate) wasn't working as well as it should, however, so I decided to use WBFS to extract ISO's from my external HD to my PC and reformat my hard drive. After the reformat was complete, I put the ISO's back onto the external HDD from my PC and now when I use USB Loader GX to boot my games, the screen turns black and the system freezes.

So, I'm thinking that this may have to do with the WBFS program corrupting the ISO files...and maybe the fact that I have Windows 7 is responsible too? is there anything I can do to fix this? I have around 15 back-ups on my hard drive now, and they're all pretty much useless at this point. Should I downgrade to Vista?

I also tried using a different USB loader and the same thing happened...so it seems as though the ISO's are corrupt and the problem is not software or hardware-related.

Any help would be great, this is very frustrating!!