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Thread: Black Wii Mote won't turn on wii....

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    Black Wii Mote won't turn on wii....

    I got my kids 2 black wiimotes for christmas. They shipped from Australia (i think? They came from ebay). The sticker on the bottom of the wiimotes is in Japanese characters. The wiimotes paired with our US wii and seem to work ok. I feel like they might not be as accurate but it could be just my imagination. The problem is they can't turn the wii on and off! Does anyone know a solution for this? Another problem is, if they are both connected on the home screen when we launch a game the black ones lose connectivity.

    Hopefully there's some setting somewhere for this, thanks!

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    Make sure you're doing a permanent pair by turning the console on and letting it boot to the main menu. Press and release the red button on the console, press and release the red button on the first wiimote. Wait until the lights stop blinking and the remote will be paired. Do this again for the 2nd wiimote.

    Edit: Btw if there is no "Wii" symbol underneath the lights at the bottom of the Wiimote it is probably a 3rd party controller originating out of Hong Kong, and might be the reason you're having issues if the pairing I mentioned above doesn't work. Hopefully that's not the case.
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    that was the problem thank you!


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