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Thread: what NTSC-J games have 3.4J?

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    what NTSC-J games have 3.4J?

    Hi all,

    Just joined, great community here and tons of useful info!
    Looking forward to soft-modding with HBC and all the other goodies there are tutorials for here.

    I have a launch NTSC-J wii with original Wiikey (updated to 1.9s) and 3.1J system menu. I want to play the English NTSC-U version of Wii Sports Resort but it looks like I need at least the 3.4J system menu to do so (I just get a black screen when I try now).

    Do you guys know of any other NTSC-J games that have the 3.4J update besides Wii Sports Resort(J)?

    Thanks and a happy new year to you all!

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    You do not need to update your system menu to play a game, just install the needed IOS. In the case of WSR, it uses IOS55-64-v4633 to load.

    For the future, when you encounter the frozen black screen with a new game go here: For any games not listed, see Post #2.

    If you need help downloading your needed IOS using NUS downloader: [Simple Guide] NUS Downloader.


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