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Thread: wii linux distros?

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    wii linux distros?

    i know there is 1 or two.
    which one is best? can linux games run on them? (from the SD card)

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    figured it out, want to use this xwhiite-linux 0.1 -

    is there an easy way to do this with windows vista? will linux games run on it?

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    I'm using Whiite Linux too. Ok, using is not the correct word. I just tried to boot it up, because I have no USB keyboard at the moment. You suggested to use Whiite Linux 0.1. The newest version is 1.10 based on Debian Lenny. You find it here. I used gc-linux-mikep5-v2.6.32+whiite-1.10.tar.bz2 which came out on 6 December 2009. So you have one of the newest kernels and the actual stable version of Debian. Everything is up to date.

    I guess there is a way of doing this somehow within Microsoft Windows, but I think you will need a lot of additional tools (e.g. for formating ext3). The easiest way is to use a Linux Live CD / DVD. I used the Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD for it.

    In theory you should be able to use a XServer, but I guess Gnome and KDE are just to big in memory consumption. Maybe XFCE will work. The things with games are the limited memory resources, but they should work too. But be aware that precompiled things for x86 and x86_64 will not work, as the chip used within the Wii is a PowerPC.

    Ah, I forgot: I'm booting up the Linux system with the Homebrew Channel. If you boot it up directly with BootMii (via boot2 I guess), you will have access to some more system resources than using the Homebrew Channel. At least that is what I understood.

    Hope this helps.


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