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Thread: Brewii Assistance with Wii 4.2U

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    Brewii Assistance with Wii 4.2U

    I bought Brewii yesterday and have been trying hard to get it to work on my Wii 4.2U.

    I completed all steps as posted in the directions and even double checked it used A-1 B-2 (as this is the one that worked) and C-1 files.

    I am trying to play a back-up game DVD and when I utilize Neogamma. I get disc error 1101. I have tried the following DVD's
    Maxell DVD+R
    Sony DVD+R
    Verbatium DVD-R
    and TDK DVD+R

    I really just dont know what to do next.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ouch paying for softmods is bad. You were very ripped off, as everything you paid for is available free of charge, most of it probably on this site. Get your money back if you can.

    1101 is a read error, means you either had a bad burn or you have the d3-2 chip which prevents the console's drive from reading backup discs. If that's the case you'll only be able to load from usb. You can check your serial number against the list here to see if your drive is chipped.

    Dvd+R media also has a track record of inconsistent read errors. Your verbatims will have the highest success rate.
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    What is brewii, if it is something that you bought, we have no idea. we have guides and files for free here.


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