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Thread: PAL, JAP and USA wii need help choose

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    PAL, JAP and USA wii need help choose

    hi I just both a Wii last week and i had the chip modded and i accidentally downloaded a wrong iso game and ask me to update which i dont know whats going to happen then next thing i know i had duplicate channels for news and weather? and Modderman help me out pointed me out where to go but i dont know which one to download if PAL or USA wii version i would burn im from california US can someone help me out on this one please thank you for reading my posting

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    well to get rid of the duplicte channels install the homebrew channel then get duplicate channel remover
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    I don't have a clue what your saying maybe you should get someone to retype it for you or tell us your native language maybe someone here will know the language

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    if not that the disk modderman was talking about is the semi brick disk. The region of the disk depends on the region of the wii. So if you have a ntsc-u wii which you brick with a pal game get the NTSC-u semi brick disk fix. OR if you have a pal wii which you brick with a NTSC-u game get the pal semi brick disk fix.


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