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Thread: Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel problems

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    Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel problems

    I can't get the wii to recognize the wheel. I'm using NFS Underground, which is supposed to work with the wheel. The usb dongle just keeps flashing, as if its not connected.

    I'm using config loader with the game, and a powered usb hub with the wheel.

    Has anyone used this wheel successfully?

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    I've got the exact same problem with the Logitech Wii Speed Force Wireless, where the green light on the wheel stays lit but the USB key on the Wii unit flashes but I can't get the wheel to work with NFS Underground. Is it possible that it would only work if you have the game DVD. I'm playing the game off USB external HD.

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    I tried it with the original game, and it works fine. I wish this would work with the USB Loader.

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    Um, guys... if you're using USB HD and IOS 249, that's the limiting factor. Now, Hermes IOS 222 (which isn't supported by Neo Gamma, but is in terms of USB Loader GX, Configurable USB Loader, etc) allows for USB HD gaming and enables the 2nd USB port for certain things (Mics, instruments, USB Hubs). Check it out here.

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    Thanks nightstah, the wheel works with hermes222.

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    I got it working too. Thanks to nightstah, I am now able to get the wheel to work with NFS: Underground. I'm glad it wasn't a defective wheel.

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    I've tried as you suggested with hermes IOS 222 and I'm still not having any luck. Are there specific settings etc in USB Loader GX that need to be set? I get the light to stop flashing but it does not light at all, does that sound right? I'm at the point I think I have a bad wheel possibly. Any advise would be greatly appreciate before I return the wheel

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    I've installed Hermes IOS 222, but the wheel still won't work. Is there something else I must do? Or will using a usb hub on the outer usb port solve the problem?

    For those of you who got the wheel to work, does the logitech usb drive still blink?

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    Talking It works!

    I tried 222 and that did not do the trick.
    Then I checked out the thread that nightstah linked here and tried it with 223 and voila! it worked.
    The only difference is that I tried it with F1 2009 (even though the box that the wheel came in say NFS exclusive).
    I will get NFS soon but I must say that F1 is actually playable with the wheel and force feedback is very good with that game: I feel resistance in turns and it's harder to turn the wheel when you are at higher speeds.
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    WII USB loader - Home brew channel -- IOS 222-223--224-249

    Quote Originally Posted by tj32 View Post
    Thanks nightstah, the wheel works with hermes222.
    I have WII USB loader - Home brew channel -- IOS 222-223--224-249 - dont hvae heremes v4

    I tried chnage IOS to 222 and 223 but it didnt work : My confusions are

    - herems v4 has different IOS 222 /223/224 then what i have
    - USB dongle of logitech wheel can work with any logitech wheel or with the only one whihcit comes with or bundled with ( is USB donlge works generic to any wheel or its only compaitable wit the one it came packed

    please advice thanks in advance much appreciated


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