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Thread: Wii Brick Blocker?

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    Wii Brick Blocker?

    When i try to run the program i get the error:

    about .net Framework: v2.0.blahblahblah

    is there anyway around this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdmkr View Post
    hope this doesnt mess up my computer XP

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    I need help with wii brick blocker.

    I cant seem to get an english version of brick blocker, I always seem to get a french version. I have been in to the settings of the brick blocker and went in to change the language but there is nothing in there, its all blank.

    I have deleted this from my desktop but I think that its still there somewhere in the system.

    Can anyone help because im pulling my hair out, lol

    Thanks Guys

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    google it, keyword wiibrickblocker

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    Provide me ur mail..i can send u the english version...


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