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Thread: Freeze issues on usb loader gx

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    Freeze issues on usb loader gx

    Ok so I got a wii for xmas, soft modded it using this guide, ,
    and went out and bought an Iomega 320GB HDD. Formatted it fine using wbfs manager, d/led games and placed them on the drive and installed the usb loader gx. The wii was updated to latest software before modding just a week ago. So when I play games using usb loader gx, they tend to freeze a lot, usually during loading screens. Wii sports resort won't load at all, but I think this is another issue, something about a .dol file? Neogamma won't load games at all, and gives me an error message telling me to remove disc, cut power and restart. I updated usbloadergx through the wii so it is up to date. Can anyone help with this? It's really annoying to finally beat the stupid ice world in mario only to have the game freeze and have to start over. I think that's all the info you need or that I can other random thing it ALWAYS freezes when I try to view the wii motion plus video in NHL 2K10, I dunno if that helps or not. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Anyone? I can't seem to fins anything on this other than the drive possibly going into sleep mode, which I don't know how to fix.....I'm sure there is someone out there who's seen/heard of this before....

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    I am having the same issue with a few games that are being loaded from my external USB hard drive.
    The Introductory videos in Mario and Sonic's Olympic Winter Games 2010 and Need for Speed ProStreet continually freeze although once into the game they seem to work just fine. The only thing I noted in game pay is that sometimes it takes a little longer than would be expected for scene loads or data saves.
    I do not know if it is related to the type if video being displayed vs. the USB transfer rates available or if it is a known bug with the USB loaders that I have tried (USB Loader GX and Neogamma rev8).
    I am suspecting it is related to the transfer rates between the Wii and the external HDD but I would like to have it confirmed by someone if possible.
    I am searching this site as well as a few other for any hits on info I can find. If I find anything I will post back here.

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    I'm having the same issues...But i use neogamma R8 Rev14 now and no problems so far.

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    usb seems to go into sleep mode

    I have just about the same problem. Super Mario Kart is working just fine via HDD and USB loader, but sometimes when I`m crossing the finish line, starting on round 3, my Wii freeze and I have to power off. I pretty sure it`s the hdd going in to sleep mode after cashing necessary data for the particulary stage, and is not able to start up again when promted. Any tips how I can prevent this or is it the "Samsung HDD" which is the problem? Western Digital seems to be the best choice...

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    having the same issue with USB Loader GX.. either games not loading or freezing during start.
    One thing I noticed when I start via the channel is I get at least one error. Something about IOS236 not available using 36 instead??

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    Try to use this link to softmod your Wii 4.2 by SHADOWSONIC2 > work well for my wii 4.2U

    FYI: hacked my wii few days ago...01/02/2010
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    Problem solved

    Ok - I have fixed it. No more freezing - no more loading problems.

    The simple solution was to use a disk approved by other users in the disk list. Another important thing was to set the disk as active and primary. I am now using Western Digital mybook 500gb and everything is just cruising..

    I figured out another thing: It is not necessary to format the disk as FAT32 to be able to format the disk as WDFS, as this is a problem on large disks. Just make the partition, choose don`t format and leave the disk as raw. Set as active and primary and the WBFS-Manager (3.0) will be able to format it.


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    Im having similar problems and i also have an iomega drive. Anyone know if theres a way to sort out this sleep mode problem? Can it not be fixed in the loader itslef by the way it reads the drive??

    Dont really wanna buy another hdd

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    It's not the loader it's the way the wii interfaces with the external hard drive. Hence the recommendations for working drives. If you are having code dump issues in GX ensure you aren't using the latest revisions of r884 or r885 as they both have reported code dump issues. rev 883 is probably the most stable at this point in time.

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