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Thread: Brand New Wii on firmware 3

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    Brand New Wii on firmware 3

    Mothering Law just bought a brand new white Wii which has firmware 3. (something) on it. I hacked my wii ages ago on 4.0E and wanted to get her wii onto 4.0E if i run an official update will i have the options of what updates to install or will it just put the Wii straight to 4.2. If the update will put it straight to 4.2 then how do i get to 4.0E

    Thanks Matt

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    Go to the guides section to find a guide for 3.1-4.1. If you run an official update, it will go to 4.2 and make it alot more difficult to mod.

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    ps wtf is a mothering law?


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