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Thread: Can't Play GC Backed Up Games

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    Can't Play GC Backed Up Games

    Newbie here...

    Why is it I can't get my neogamma7 and gbl 0.2 to work?

    -In GBL the screen goes black & white and then goes up & down.

    -In Neogamma I can't get pass the black screen where some text(instructions) are being displayed coz it freezes there.

    By the way I already installed the CMIOS (network and custom) but I can't still play my burned back up gc games. And this one RVL-mios-v8.wad (installed)

    What do you think is the problem?

    I am using memorex dvd-r @ 2x burn speed. It works fine on wii games except on gc.

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    My gamecube launcher does the same thing so i deleted it. I use neogamma, but you need to have a gamecube controller plugged into the first port once the gamecube menu comes up.

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    Thanks for your reply. Will try it out... Will the multi gc isos work (burned) on neogamma?

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    I tried it but nothing happened. I can't get pass the black screen. I also tried plugging my gc controller to the 4 different gc controller ports but nothing happened. What button should I press to load the game?


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