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Thread: Urgent help needed on remote control issue.

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    Unhappy Urgent help needed on remote control issue.

    I have a wii soft modded, been using it for a while but it loads up in the software system menu on start-up instead of the wii menu. this has been no problem so far as i just press A button to go to wii system menu. however my wii controllers were borrowed and no longer connect until i re-sync them. however i cant do this until I get into the wii menu. please can someone advise on a way to get into the main menu. Thanks all.

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    You should have fixed the problem, probably need to just change the boot to setting. Now you might be able to use a gamecube controller to break free but i am not sure.

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    Tried a gamecube controller today, no luck im afraid, any other ideas? when I installed the mod i used the buttons on the front of the wii wo navigate somehow, is this possible maybe?

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    Yeah, I'm thinking to do re-sync the controllers you need to use the one on the back of the wiimote and the one on the SD card loader.

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    it wont re-sync as It loads straight up into the "SYSTEMMENU V450",


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