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Thread: Wii experts, need your help!!!

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    Wii experts, need your help!!!

    1. How can u verify if your cIOS files has been correct installed?

    2. There is two games (Resident Evil Dark Chronicals and Call of Duty MW) that gets just grey. When i load it from the beginning there are no colours, everything is just grey. whats the problem?

    3. After a couple of minuts playing the game just freezes, i tried 4 games and all did the same.

    thx, (free porn for anyone helping me...not)

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    1. Signcheck - get it from Wiibrew

    2. Region issue perhaps, check your loader settings.

    3. USB spindown issue perhaps, check your drive for this setting with appropriate drive mfr software.
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    1. if ur backups games run with no errors then it should be correct lols,also neogamma displays what cIOS ur using on the bottom so u can check there i guess.

    2. Black and white colors are most likely caused becouse of the region, they r out of ur region. Change ur neogamma settings and force ur region to these games and it should be fine.

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    1. ok ill see that. but i had to change the loadings from cIOS 249 to 222 because the wii remote stopped working, dunno what it was but it fixed my error.

    2.Alright i will check the regions. but ill use USB Loader GX because of the problem above, neogamma doesnt ha that option to change to cIOS 222.
    Does USB Loader GX has that option about regionchange?

    3. Just read that there has been some problems with that. I use Seagate Expansion External Driver 1TB.


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