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Thread: Band Hero DLC - Any working method?

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    Question Band Hero DLC - Any working method?


    Has anyone had any success using DLC on Band Hero (without buying them for Wii points obviously). I'm running from a backup Band Hero disc using the Softchip method.

    There are guides for GH5 and rock band. The former I followed due to it's similarities, but with no luck. I've tried everything I can think of, and have kept drawing a blank.

    The best i've got it to do is this way:
    • Install the OneUP DLC channel
    • Install a Song.wad in this channel using song option
    • Install the corresponding title file (GHWT) from the title option
    • Booting into the game, going to rock archive, and moving the DLC to SD card
    • At this point it asks me to do a free music store update though for this song to play... so I go to do that, it all appears to download fine, but then just bounces me back to the list and acts as if it hasn't installed. I've tried the cIOS56 that many have said has worked for them, but the issue is the same. I've event tried to get them legit by removing all of these installed .wad's, clearing the wii/sd of DLC traces and trading my wii points for them. But I can't even access the store without an error popping up using this method.

    So, i'm stumped basically. Surely I can't be the only one. Again, i've searched the forum, wasted hours looking through related threads and trying stuff out. At the very least an answer to say whether or not this is a waste of time would be good. Seems that band hero does some extra checking or requires something that I don't have.


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    I used the WAD files in option 1 in this post. I loaded in GH5 and then went back to Band Hero and it was all working. All the "special content" is checked except the "Guitar Hero 5" because there is no wad for GH5 import to Band Hero yet.

    It should work without using GH5. Once everything is checked, download the two GWHT "updates" to the SD card and the GHWT DLC should load up. You can then also "import" tracks from GHWT and Smash Hits.

    I also found I had to install a patched IOS56. I used DOP-IOS Mod for this, to have newest version of 56, but patched.

    *The GHWT "update" downloads take a really long time to download, FYI.

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    Yeh, thanks for the reply. This is the method i've used, The update does apparently download, takes a while, but it just acts as if it's not there. And i'm no further on. I wonder if it's anything to do with me using a backup DVD. I should rpobably try the original later and see what happens..

    I'm indeed using a cIOS56, i've made sure that IOS61 and the shopping channel v18 are installed and working too. It's pretty odd, as everyone else reports it as working :-/
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    Just to update on this. I'm up and running now with a way that I am satisfied with:

    • I uninstalled all DLC songs + title files
    • I then uninstalled the OneUP DLC channel
    • I took a quick NAND backup before taking the plunge and installing the update(s) from the original Band Hero DVD. I didn't want to risk it before, but I had a feeling that there were some IOS's or something that I needed from it
    • After rebooting the Wii I loaded into the game and found that I could now access the store, and downloading songs actually works now!

    This is not the way I had originally planned, as I am now getting them for me Wii points as opposed to free. However! I've noticed that there are about 10 or so songs on the list that are free and they are all old/crap songs like the GHWT pack is that I got. So I haven't really lost anything anyway. In addition, the proper GH5 DLC pack of 69 songs is only 600 Wii points which I'm thinking of trading. Well worth it, and it bypasses all this headache and crap that i've been dealing with

    I've posted this reply to leave as a bit of history, which may come in handy for people in the future. Cheers.

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    Well glad you got that part of it working. I always keep my Wii updated, I am on 4.2U right now. I always just wait a few weeks after an update till things get figured out, then go for it. Not hard to restore patches, etc... if you know what you are doing.

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    Yeah. Cheers

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