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Thread: out of sync picture on game what's up with this?

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    out of sync picture on game what's up with this?

    I burned Wii Fit Plus as recommended and it works but the video scrolls/is out of sync on the TV (and no it's not my TV). Do I need to change a setting on neogamma? I've tried several settings already to no avail. Did I burn it badly? Anyone ever heard of this? I couldn't really find this issue through search, but maybe I searched the wrong words. Please help. Re-downloading takes forever as my speeds are super slow to a near dead craaaaawl....... Thanks.

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    Sounds like a region issue. Try messing with the Video settings in neogamma to force the region your Wii is based on. They should be blindingly obvious which ones you need to modify.
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    hi savannah123, I notice your thread because I was having the same problem. I had managed to burn 1 out of 5 attempts and all played with the out of sync problem like the vertical hold was messed up. The answer above is correct it is in the settings. The burns were in Pal format and Ntsc is required. change the settings in regions to force ntsc and your burns will play fine.

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    pal iso using ntsc setting getting green screen

    When I set my pal iso game to ntsc setting to get it to play I get the dreaded green screen. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

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    Hi again, I am very new to the world of Wii, so I don't think I can help much. What was happening to me was I was burning games that were PAL. Using neogamma, I went into region option and selected force video NTSC480i. I have not had any trouble since. I found a similar thread in these forums.


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