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Thread: Wii Game Manager issues

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    Wii Game Manager issues

    Is anyone seeing issues with the new Wii Game Manager (formerly Simple WBFS File Manager)? Every time I go to copy a wbfs file to the wbfs partition, it looks like it's doing it, but it never shows up on the partition. If I use WBFS Manager 3.0, everything works great and games even show up in Wii Game Manager after I put them there with 3.0.

    I'd love to use the new one because I can't figure out how to use 3.0 to manage just the wbfs files, as opposed to having to re-rip them all the time.

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    Why did you change?

    I'm using "wbfs manager 3.0" and it works fine (the 10 games i've tried), but I'm new to this.

    I've heard of "wii game manager", but not tried it yet. I don't want to mess up. Why should you/I change?

    Pros and cons ? Not easy to find comparing articles on web.


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