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Thread: WBFS Manager Help please..

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    WBFS Manager Help please..

    I'm using WBFS Manager 3.0 to transfer ISO game to my 8GB flash drive. The problem is.. whenever I try to add a game that big in size (like 3.9 - 4.2GB) to flash drive, after the copy process is finished, it give me the error about the drive is in use and cannot load bla bla bla and then freeze, and i have to shut it down via task manager.

    This problem is never happen with small game (like 0.53GB) Any idea what is going on?

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    using windows 7 by any chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkx3ni View Post
    using windows 7 by any chance
    Yes, i use Win 7 64Bit. Is that the case?

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    if your computer had a nvidia chipset in it then it could be the prob. theres a flaw with win7 and the nvidia chipset that when you try to move big chunks of data to usb te system locks up. i can email you the hotfix if you want but you should only install it if you have nvidia motherboard

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    Im using Gigabyte EX58-Extreme(intel board) with ATi 4870X2, i have nothing from nvidia so.. how could that be..?!?!

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    sorry back to the drawing board. i had the problem with my computer when ryed to move a game image 4.37 gig to a storage usb hard drive and it also affected wbfs manager.

    have to tryed a different usb stick?

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    I only have 1 flash drive atm, sigh.. i think i need to get a new one

    I heard that now the new USB Loader GX support NTFS format so i dont need to use WBFS Manager anymore right?

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    dont know about that but are they not better as wbfs because in ntfs they will always take up 4.37 gig which can take up alot more space. i.e. wii sports is only 330 mb approx in wbfs which a hell ofa bit smaller that 4 odd gig

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    Roger that, time to get a new USB i guess... thanks for help btw.


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