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Thread: Nintendo DS Emulator theory/general discussion

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    I've been lookin around the internet cause my brother(aka the guy who told me all about modding my wii) told me that there was plenty of cool stuff you could do with a modded wii because of the homebrew channel, emulators stuff like that. One of which he told me was DS Emulators, obviously this wasn't true however because I've been lookin around the internet for a while and I've yet to see any out. I've seen a few projects that weren't really working. I've been lookin around because my nephews got themselves some DSes for Christmas, I have a DS as well but my girlfriend does not. We recently bought some flashcards and as we're waiting for shipping I've been downloading a bunch of multiplayer games and whatnot.

    Well the whole idea of DS Emulator sparked my interest especially after I had burned a copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. The DS emulation is good, the controls are eh, but with all the hackers and homebrewers out there you'd think they could do something with this. They can do all this great stuff and all of this hacking yet they can't seem to get an emulator working, now I'm no expert at this so I'm not judging or anything I'm simply laying down a few thoughts, a theory if you will, on how exactly this could work on a few levels.
    But, here goes. These are my 2 cents on how this COULD be done. As I stated before this is theory on the whole thing.

    -One of the projects I saw was supposed speculation and a rumor that no one wanted to believe, this person only used the Wiimote to play using the D-pad for motion and no clue on button scheme, the touch screen didn't work at all I don't think there even was a second screen. It was for playing like Pokemon or something.

    -I read about one that only played 3 games and was abandoned a few years back or sometime ago, I really don't know. Something about passing that first touch screen only worked.

    Anyways back on topic, I don't know what these people did, but they're cool for trying anyways. If it wasn't for Echoes of Time I'd of been discouraged, but seeing that game made me wonder a few things.

    I think Echoes of Time really is the future of Nintendo DS emulation on the Wii. If I knew anything about coding I'd look into it myself, but I don't so I can only express my ideas and hope someone with the knowledge will be interested and pick this up. There's some major points I'd like to point out on this thought, don't just throw me down on this actually read and hear me out on this first.

    Ok, first:
    I've seen that you can MAKE you're own Wii games somehow, haven't looked into it haven't cared to look into it.
    Second: People hack into games and homebrew and whatnot, changing codes and stuff.
    Third: On the NDS flashcards to play GBA one must convert GBA to NDS.

    Now if you think about these things perhaps one theory, one success would be for someone to perhaps convert NDS titles to Wii or Wiiware file maybe? Perhaps a coding patch to get things working, or even a Triiforce type thing to where you read them off the SD Card.

    Another Idea However:
    Would be a straight up emulator, however this emulator would require mimicry of Echoes of Time in which it has the + and - screen ratio/stretch. Of course If you have a widescreen TV you can probably split them almost evenly easly so perhaps 2 diffferent TV aspect ratios if neccessary or even if possible.

    Ok, now, lets talk control scheme:
    First off, it'd probably be necessary to make 2 emulators, maybe, just maybe. Though really I think the only purpose a person would want a DS emulator would be either for multiplayer games like I do or maybe bigger screen(?). The reason for 2 emulators being controls and control types.

    First Emulator:
    This one would be for those games that are both Stylus and Button controlled. This would work for all games that are all stylus as well as the games that are both. The control scheme could be as follows.

    Nunchuk Analog Stick for DS D-pad
    Wiimote D-Pad for X Y A B in appropriate positions respectively.
    + - again for zoom ratio of screens
    1 and 2 for Start and Select.
    Z and c on Nunchuk for L and R or Visa Versa
    B to "click" for use of touch of the stylus

    I say B because your index finger is there and free while your thumb can be free to use the D-Pad to use buttons to do ur button commands.

    Second Emulator:
    This one I haven't given nearly as much thought, but it would be for your games that are focused primarily to almost entirely on Button Control, games such as Megaman ZX and Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, games like that I'm sure many would understand the example. like I said I haven't thought much into this, perhaps a random button scheme thought up by someone, or buttons you choose to use. Maybe even the Classic Controller and touch pointing with Wiimote. But I'm gonna go with the random one of Wiimote and Nunchuk combo for now, just to get an idea out. Let's see;

    A as A B as B
    c as X
    Z as Y
    + - still as zoom ratio between screens
    1 and 2 as start and select
    Left as Right on D-pad as Left and Right
    Down on D-pad as point

    It could be different maybe even the same thing as the first emulator's control scheme. The first emulator is the one I'm really serious about the second one is just kind of to try and spread compatability to all games ya know?

    Please, read, comment, write you're opinions, discuss your thoughts, similar ideas. Brainstorm, Ideafy, whatever you wanna call it. Just think about it, this is an open discussing on the theory of DS emulation. I'd especially like for an actual person who knows what he's talking about when it comes to homebrew and hacking to tell me what is wrong with the idea, what's right, technical limitations. Everything.

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    I have always thought that the wii would be capable of emulating the DS and think that usingtha anlog stick for the D-Pad would work pretty effectively. i hope that someone is able to convert a working emulator such as no$GBA which does play nds files.
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    I don't see why they can't, it shouldn't be too hard now that emulation for it is advancing.

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