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Thread: Brawl Error

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    Brawl Error

    Hi, I have a PAL Wii with a Wiikey 1 (running 1.9s). I haven't softmodded, so I don't have homebrew or any other features like that. For Christmas, my sister received New Super Mario Bros. Wii and let it update, so my wii updated from 3.2E to 4.1E.

    Before this, for over a year while I still had 3.2E, my backup copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl worked perfectly (I have it burned onto a Verbatim DVD-R Dual Layer, at 4x).

    However, after I found out my sister updated the Wii to 4.1E, I tested all my backups and the only one that doesn't play is Brawl. When I insert the disc, it'll spin for a few seconds, and then stop, and a black error message will appear. If I insert the disk when the Wii's on standby (the Wii power button is yellow), the error message will read "The system files are corrupted.", then telling me to refer to the Wii Operations Manual. If I start the Wii, and then insert the disk when I'm at the menu screen, I'll get the error message "An error has occured", then telling me to eject the disk, restart the console and refer to the Wii Operations Manual.

    I've searched the forums so far and haven't found a solution or anyone else who's had this problem, so I'm hoping someone here will have a solution while I keep looking. I'm really hoping I can sort this out, Brawl's one of my favourite games of all time.

    Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!

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    I am pretty sure that when you update your wii to v3.4 or higher you can't play trucha patched games, which your ssbb game probably is. If you want to play the game you have to soft mod your wii or possibly download a different version of the game. However I'm not sure if that second option will work. I'm no expert but I noticed that no one is responding to your post and I know that is frustrating because no one is replying to my post! I have several wii's and the only one that works with ssbb is the one running v3.2u. I don't want to softmod mine so I am dealing with not playing ssbb, not my favorite game anyway.

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