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Thread: My chiped wii

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    My chiped wii

    Hello, i bought a wii in the summer and never really played on it until now. The wii was chiped by the previous owner, so ive been playing copies no problem. The problem is to do with my wifi, i can connect to my home network but when i try to access channels it says there unavalable? Is it to do with the chip? can i play genuine games on line? how can i tell what chip is in it? Thanks dave.

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    Thanks, good forum this.

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    There is no readout to identify your chip; you will have to open up the console. With a hardmod, you should still be able to play online games with either your origial or game backup discs.

    A chip should not be interfering with the ability to access channels. If the channels show a frozen black screen that means the IOS needed to run the channel is missing. Could be the channels in question have become corrupted and need to be reinstalled. With a chipmod, you should have been able to accept game disc updates so your IOSes and system should be up-to-date unless you have your chip setup to prevent updates.

    ID your chip and then read more about its functions-some chips have setups to block updates-that would be important for you to know.

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    thanks for the info, ill do more reseach.


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