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Thread: Drive not reading any discs (including originals)

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    Drive not reading any discs (including originals)

    Hi folks. I am new to modding but I followed the 4.2 guide and all is working fine. Today I was using my WII with a backup game popped it out to put in another game and now no games (including the originals) are recognized by my WII. Worse yet when I insert a disc it doesn't spin for more than 2 seconds unlike before when the disc would spin for a good 5-10 seconds before it would show up. Could this be related to the softmod or did my dvd drive just bit it?


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    TRy changing the settings in preloader. the region free ones.

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    Once I got the proper hacks.ini for NTSC 4.2 installed I was able to change the region free settings and still no dice. My WII refuses to read any discs. It spins the discs up for about 2 seconds and then just go quiet. Is it possible that the disc drive needs cleaning? Can you use a disc cleaner on a WII?
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