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Thread: Noob in need of help

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    Noob in need of help

    I'm am new to Wii and Modding.... I had a modded PS1, but haven't been in gaming since...

    I just got a Wii the last week of May in the USA.

    Anyone know of someone that might be local to the Wisconsin area that could MOD a Wii for me?

    Or a website that might help me in the right direction.... I assume I would need the new D2Pro9 v2.....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get the D2Pro9 with the wii clip. I didn't have any exp with wii modchip and I ordered one of those from canada mod. Solder the clip and the chip together and putting it in wii is really simple. Probaly the hardest part is getting the wii apart.


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