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Thread: USB loader GX HELP

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    USB loader GX HELP

    Maybe i am just stupid but it seems sort of impossible to load games. My USB HDD is FAT32 can't have files over 4 gbs but all the usb ISO's that i have are over 4 gb. And apparently from what i heard it has to be FAT32 to run it NTFS format doesn't work? sorta caught in a infinite loop here... fat32 sure it will work but i can't fit my games NTFS i can fit my games but it won't work... Seems really really stupid...

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    Well make sure you're on rev 829 or newer otherwise usb loader gx won't support FAT. Generally though most people format their drives WBFS and install games using a manager on their computer. This is much more common with usb loader gx and much more efficient as it saves a ton of space on the drive. There is a guide showing how to do this below (usb loading), and the next poster decided to link it again. Follow either.
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