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    Hi there,
    As you can see I'm new here and in general to the world of Wii. I have read lots and lots of your threads over the hol period, and as of today I'm the proud owner of a wasby dx. All went great and even managed to play a few backups with no problem at all. I would love know if there is any one out there that can let me know please where to look for other links to wii games in PAL format
    Thanks in advance

    PS: I must add that through your links I came across my now trusted & loved hyppiefreak site, but he apears to have a lot of games in NTSC format, which won't work on my 4.2e version.


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    they would work just fine if you softmodded.

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    Yes I know, but I thought you see from my message that I just installed a chip today, and I'm no expert when it comes to that never mined softing my wii. After a lot of reading I think I will just stick with the ideea that I have a NAND and homebrew channel. But none the less thanks for your sugestion. VT


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