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Thread: BootMii/Boot2 & Priiloader Conflict Possible?

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    Question BootMii/Boot2 & Priiloader Conflict Possible?

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question. I followed the guide for softmodding a 3.1-4.1 Wii (mine's now at 4.1), and this involved using Bootmii to start with, but then moving it off the SD card and then installing Priiloader. This one:
    To clarify this bit, as it stands I only have Priiloader actually doing anything (it's set to boot straight to the Wii menu), and BootMii is sat on my desktop and not on the SD card. My question then is this. Is it safe to use both Priiloader and Bootmii, activated at the same time, if I move it back on. My only concern is that mine are obviously setup to both load before the system menu/IOS. With they conflict with each other?

    I really like the safety features of having BootMii in Boot2 (NAND backups), and the hack options available in Priiloader (region-free & update-skipping). I would test it out, but I don't want to risk a brick or corruption, if that's possible from these.

    Long post for possibly a trivial issue. Apologies if that's the case. Any advice you might have would be much appreciated. Happy new year!


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    Priiloader and bootmii/boot2 can be installed together without any conflicts. Bootmii installs itself in boot2 while Priiloader is patched onto the system menu.

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    Spot on. Much appreciated ShadowSonic2

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