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Thread: Quick help with Updating Firmware to play new games...

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    Quick help with Updating Firmware to play new games...


    I've got homebrew, a backup launcher, and the gx usb loader up and running (only got the Wii yesterday!), and have just found that I cannot play a game (boom blox party... original, not a burnt iso) without updating the firmware. What is the best way to conduct these updates so the game will play without messing with my newly acquired homebrew capabilities?

    Thanks for your help!


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    First you need to start reading the guides and some threads reguarding softmodding a wii so that you are familiar with the do's and dont's for softmodding. Since you modded your console, you should already have preloader (priiloader) installed and set up to bypass/block all disc updates. That will prevent you from getting the disc update screen. You should also know that you dont have to have the newest firmware to run a game. You can run all games off a 3.2 firmware wii. What you will need though to play games is up to date ios. Every single wii game requires an ios in order to play that game. The reason you are getting the disc update screen is because you either dont have that game's ios installed or that game has a newer ios version than what you currently have installed. If you already have that ios installed, the game will load right up. basically preloader will prevent that disc update screen so that you dont accidently let it update which is very bad if your trying to load an out or region game. There are 2 threads I want you to look at and understand. The first is in the tutorial section titled "what ios games use to run". Go there and find your game in the list and look at what ios it uses along with version. The other thread you can find by searching on here for "nus downloader" and click on the uide that the well known tealc had made and read it, understand it, and then use it.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I did manage to find the iso for the game in the longer sticky that had been posted. I will def search for the nus downloader as suggested...

    Thanks again...


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