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Thread: Bricked wii after wad install NO TV SIGNAL AT ALL

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    Bricked wii after wad install NO TV SIGNAL AT ALL

    ok a friend brought over his wii that he installed a contra game wad, and it froze during install, he shut it down, and now it will not start up.

    I am not getting any signal what so ever, no black screen nothing. I turn it on get green light drive clicks a few times and that's it. If I insert game nothing. If I have a game in on start up it will spin.

    I cannot tell if there is preloader/priiloader bootmi since I get nothing on screen

    I have tried using his component cables, and my composite cables

    UUDv4 doesn't seem to do anything

    will savemiifrii do anything in this situation?

    Is there any known method to start with?

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    Sounds like a full-brick wii. That is a shady wad. Where did he get it? Sounds like very bad luck, or more likely a malicious wad, an old system menu perhaps. Can you link it here.
    Have a look at this
    OH SH*T: Black Screen of WII!!!
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