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Thread: installing custom ios install error

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    installing custom ios install error

    when i get to this part is says everything patched successfully but at the end it says ios install error

    C5)cios38rev14 installer should run and give you some options.

    C6)At the beginning you should see ios249 highlighted. Keep pressing left on the wii pad until you see "Do not reload IOS" at the ios select screen, press A. (for some reason that neither I nor the other follows here seem to understand, this does not work for everyone. If this fails, try again using 249, 250, 222, 223, 36, 37... and others. Switching to one of these may work for you. be sure to restart your wii after each attempt)

    C7)If you have internet connection, select "Network install", else select "SD card", Press A.

    C8)Proceed with the installation, and you are done.

    You should have ios249rev14 isntalled, which will allow you to run any Backup loader or USB laoder!

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    (ret = -2011)

    keep gettin that error when i do the custom ios install

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    Search "error index" and see what your error means. You might be able to figure it out once you know alittle bit about what that error code means.
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    where error index

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    im gettin to where it says seclect IOS version to use during installation

    i go to (do not reload IOS) before i click a

    thats what i have to do right

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    Are you following a guide from this site? If so are you following the correct guide and following it step by step?
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    this guide right here im down to part C but im gettin stuck at that part pissin me off lol i did everything 2 times from a to c everything is patchin but at the end its sayin i get that error


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