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Thread: USB Loader GX scroll crash

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    Question USB Loader GX scroll crash

    Not sure why this is happening now, but I can't scroll (using d-pad) through USB Loader anymore. Once the list of games starts to scroll, it crashes to this:

    I thought it might of been one of the new games I installed, but if I use search to choose my games, everything works fine. Any ideas?

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    I always found gx buggy. I switch to wiiflow and its the dogs squeaky parts.

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    probably one of your cover images is corrupted. Rename the covers directory and try again, if it works, then you have your answer.

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    Yup, that was it. Renamed folder and redownloaded covers. Thanks man.

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    i am a noob to this and have the same problem and was wondering where i find the covers directory. cheers

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    The coverart is in the sd:/images folder.

    If you actually use windows picture viewer to scroll thru the .png files you will come across a messed up picture, like only part way downloaded, and thats the one that is crashing the wii. delete that and you can use the program without having to redownload all the images

    I have had this same problem and doing what you suggested fixed the problem... until i redownloaded the images with new games and some of the redownloaded images were corrupt. Every time I try redownloading the images, some of them are corrupt and I crash every time, until I deleted the imgaes from the sd card.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Consistently downloading corrupt cover images? Thanks for the great site

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