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Thread: Disc Read error i NeoGamma r7 & r8 plz help

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    Disc Read error i NeoGamma r7 & r8 plz help

    Well let me introduce myself my name is jimmy and have a NTSC wii bout 2 years old with firmware 4.2u installed. Homebrew is installed, neo gamma, usb loader, etc etc. everything works i can play from usb drive but when i put a burnt disc in to load with neo gamma it shows the little disc code/region code of the disc than tells me theres a disc read error. In neogamma r7 its error 1249 in neogamma r8 i believe its 1136 id have to check again. ive even tried out the prog WII SoftChip it does the same will read the disc display region code and show the name of the game!! but than goes to a disc error (DI_Readunencrypted) lol wow Does anyone have any idea what i could of done wrong? as i stated i can play through WiiFlow with usb flash drive(dont laugh dont have external hdd (-: ), i use dvd-r burnt at 4x, i mean i would think the discs are alright cause neogamma and WiiSOFTchip read the game code and name... i dunno i followed instructions to tee, tucha bug restorer, cios v3, ios 249, so on and so forth am i able to start from scratch.
    Games i used to burn were Call of duty Modern Warefare Reflex and Spider-man web of shadows again they were burn at 4x on dvd-r
    neogama r7 v14
    neogama r8 v15
    Wii Soft Chip r10 These three programs will not load discs and give errors

    WiiFlow Loads games off my usb flash drive. Neogamma also loads off my flash drive, dvds just dont work
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    I'm having the same errors, even with the CIOX19 installed. Softmod 4.2U, NTSC-U. But only on my new games. I know the 1036 error means the IOS 60 wasn't installed. IOS 60 enables the trucha bug on 249. It's downloaded from pirate bay for system 4.0. So I don't know if that's the answer or not. I'm sure someone can figure this out. The CIOS60 may be bad!!! Solution? Downgrade firmware to 4.0 to install the Cios60????Super Mario Kart still works. Because of the ios14 dip.


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