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Thread: Mario Party 8 black screen, needs IOS9?

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    Unhappy Mario Party 8 black screen, needs IOS9?

    I've read in a few separate threads that Mario Party 8 needs IOS9. But the full guide for 4.2 system says to never install an IOS lower than 200. So how do I get the black screen to stop and play this game?

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    It says never to un-install an IOS under 200, there is a huge difference.

    And you'll most likely have IOS9 already unless your Wii has something rather strange going on with it.
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    So then it must be something else. I just went through the guide and modded yesteray. I've downloaded over 20 games and all played perfectly. This is the first CISO I've dl'd but I followed the guide steps for adding it to my WBFS, then extracting to my PC as an ISO. I then cleared the game from the USB HDD and added it using the ISO. Any thoughts?


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