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Thread: I think I screwed up my hard drive.

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    I think I screwed up my hard drive.

    I connected full external drive to my wii and let the the usb loader partition the drive...heres the the problem it had 100 backup iso games on it and the usb loader program is showing zero,when I try to connect it back to my computer the drive doesn't show up.I have tried using windows computer disk management,the drive shows up with the right capacity but all my games appear to be gone,the file system shows up blank, when I try to remove the WBFS partition I get a warning the all volumes will be lost.Sorry for the newbie question I did search and read and didn't come up with much.
    It there anyway to remove the partition and save my games before going any further?

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    Any one have an idea?

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    When you loaded an already WBFS formatted and populated drive to the Wii it still asked you to format it? If it did then there must be some issue and it has reformatted the drive.

    When you connect normally it should detect the presence of the WBFS format and games without asking to format.

    Probably best to try it with just 1 or 2 isos loaded before commiting them all next time.

    If the drive has been reformatted, and it sounds like it has been, then it's very difficult to recover the data now as most PC based disk recovery tools will not work too well with WBFS games. Probably best to copy across all your backed up isos from your PC again.
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    Thanks for your help!!To answer your question my external drive was formatted Fat 32 with around 100 iso backup games already loaded on it,then I connected it to my wii and started the usb loader program and was asked to partition it,after this process was complete program showed my entire drive as empty,I understand my error now but,I was hoping to try to recovery these games and start over because I don't have these games backed up anywhere else.

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    you could try a typical recovery program, there are several out there. just not sure if they can handle wbfs. if not you would have to format back to fat32 and each time you reformat, it makes recovery more difficult.


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