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Thread: How to tell If im chipped?

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    Smile How to tell If im chipped?

    Hey Guys,

    I recently Installed cios rev 14 and neogamma r8b13

    I cant play a back-up i made,But this could be for many reasons.

    Anyway someone also pointd out that i could be chipped ,

    Can You Post some symtoms of a chipped wii?


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    if its chipped theres even more chance that the games will play. as far as i know hardmod and softmod can work together fine
    good chance its you disks cos thats where i had trouble to begin with

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    If the console was manufactured after or around September this year it could be chipped with d3-2. You can check your serial against the list here. Some people seem to get black screens, some get 1053 errors. The best way to tell seems to be to use a reliable iso (meaning you've used it without issue through usb loading or found some other way to back it up yourself), burn it no faster than 4x, use dvd-r media, and try a few burns. If it just keeps giving you errors it's probably chipped.
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    oh thats what you meant by chipped! i took that i hard ware mod inside not the dvd drive which cant read dvd rs

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    Thanks Ithain, forget your username.LoL.

    I bought it two days ago , but the guy at the shop said he hadn't sold any this i take the one i got is the old new type(This is confuzing stuff)

    You Said the i can still play iso's through usb loader even if the wii's chipped?I downloaded loadmii , Does anyone know if thats any good?

    P.S:PKX3Ni Its not a hardmod chip its the nitendo one


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