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Thread: Installing Neogamma r7 question

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    Installing Neogamma r7 question

    Hey there, Im new to the Wii scene, But have been able to softmod my wii with 4.2, even got 4 or 5 games to run great including wii sports resort which took some time to figure out, But my next hill is super mario world, I was told the easy way to do it is install neogamma r8 (I currently have neogamma r7 as a channel and is what I use to play the other games).. So I download it and now am stumped, I put all the files onto a blank SD card.. Then im lost, when i go to the homebrew channel its blank, if i hit home I have the options one of which is launch bootmii but then it just crashed, I have no idea how to install it, And the only thing I could think of was to start over but im sure I would really screw something up, As I remember something in the step by step was un-installing stuff.. Im guessing I just need to put a file back onto the SD card that will let me load/install the newer neogamma r8?

    Anyone able to idiot proof this for me
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    I used the wad managerv 1.4 (has to be on sd card) and the neogamma.wad (also on card )and istalled it with default settings in wad manager as a "wad install"

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    What exactly are you trying to do? I couldnt make out what you said because you go from one thing to another. You want to install neogamma r8 I am assuming. There are 2 ways of doing this. If you want to install it as a channel, it will be in a wad file format. You would place that in the "wad" folder on the root of your sd card. You should already have an "apps" folder on the root of your sd card and inside that folder should be a wad manager folder with a boot.dol inside it. To install neogamma as a channel, you would then load wad manager and keep pressing A until you see the neogammar8 wad file then press (+) and when it asks if you want to install, press A. Once installed it should be on your wii menu as a channel. If you dont have neogamma as a wad file and instead have it as a boot.dol along with a png and xml files, you would then place those files in a created folder name it "wad manager" and place that folder in the apps folder and you will see it in the homebrew channel.
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    Sorry about that, I downloaded NeogammaR8beta14, I then extracted that into my sd card which gave me 2 folers (Neogamma and sourcecode) and 3 files, SMNE.wip and SMNP.wip along with a readme file talking about the different versions.... The sd card was blank, So I went back to the original step by step how to softmod my wii, there was a 3 step extraction process, The last having 2 folders (apps, and wad) and a boot.dol file, is that what I need to put back on my SD card along with the neogamma files, In the apps folder it has hbc_dopios_v8 and WAD-Manager_v1.5 and in the Wad folder it has NEOr7.wad

    Sorry that this is confusing, But trust me, Im even more : /

    (Edit, The neogamma r8 I downloaded did not have a .wad file in it as I far as I could tell)

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    ok, So i put those files onto a SD card, I now see wad manager on the homebrew channel, So once I go to it click ios249, then next, then it gives me the option to install Neor7.. So im guessing I just need to find the neogammar8 file with that one and then it will give me the option to install that aswell? is it that simple? Also, if thats the case, Anyone know where I can grab the wad file, The site I got it from didn't have that : /

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    Thanks for everyones help, Got it installed, Tried to play super mario bros with it hoping it would work ok, But now get the error "error reading disk, please eject the game.." yadda yadda, while loaded from usb... Guess I'll have to find another way to get supermario bros working


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