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Thread: im close but goin crazyyyy

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    im close but goin crazyyyy

    i followed this

    i did all the steps a1 through a4

    now when i put the game in nothing happens i burned the iso wit img burn it burned fine but nothing loads when i put the game in do i have to click on home brew channel an do anything after i put the game in

    appriciate it alot i must be close right?

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    heard i had to go to wad manager in the homebrew channel

    i selected ios249

    wii sd slot

    then i hit a an it says mounting device standby

    but nothing happens thing it freezes

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    am i clickin the wrong ios version in wab manager

    everything is installled the homebrew the dvdx

    it says

    the installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install

    maybe im not installin boot2


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